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Contactless Check in Solution for Hospitality

A Keyless Solution Make Your Guest and Staff Safe in response to COVID-19.
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hotel solution
Efficient and Cost-Saving Hospitality Access Control Solution
ekeynow contactless hotel check-In solution can help hotelier eliminate cost, monitor access activity and receive notifications from the platform to help you be more efficient, save money and bring guest contactless check-in experience in response to COVID-19.
Wondering What We Can Do for Hotelier?
Increases Operational Efficiency
Reduce the hassle, time, and money spent on the physical key or prox card management by controlling access remotely.
Improve Reception Process
Reduce guest Check-in waiting time. Provide contactless reception to guest during the COVID – 19 pandemic.
Attract and Delight Guests
Offer your guest direct to home Check-In whenever they arrive. No need to bring a physical key or prox card.
Increases the Bottom Line
Reduce costs associated with key management, prevent costly modernization projects.
How Does it Works?
Step 1
Hotelier puts the physical Key or prox card in lock box.
Step 2
Hotelier gives access authorization to guest in Email before guest arrive.
Step 3
Guest unlocks the door with the access.
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What Makes ekeynow Different
No WiFi, Still Works
The lock box works without a network.
APP - FREE for Guests
Guests don't need to download an app to gain access, given in email.
& Fast Installation

Keep the door and lock the same as before.

3min to install a lock box.


$0 installation fee.

80% of your money can be saved without replacing your existing lock.

Ready to find out how ekeynow can transform your business?
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Choose a plan that's right for you
Per lock/Per month
ekeynow Web Platform:
Property access management.
ekeynow APP:
Property access management, hardware configuration, maintenance, and upgrades.
Lock Box
* Pricing subject to subscribing ekeynow SaaS service and volume.
** Additional Accessory for PREMIUM Plan, which can be used to connect with 3 units of key-box at same time.
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